Changing the front brake pads and discs

Since Oulton Park finished off the rest of my front brake pads (and discs – due to me not having time to change them before metal on metal contact occurred)  I purchased a full set of EBC BlueStuff NDX pads and Camskill discs. This came to a total of around £330.

The Bluestuff NDX pads are getting good reviews on the MLR as a fast road pad with good pedal feel. These are very different from the old Bluestuff compound that generally received poor reviews from the market. Since I boiled the fluid at Oulton Park, I’ll need to change that soon too as the pedal travel is definitely longer than it used to be.

Heres a guide to changing the brakes:

  • Jack up the car and secure on axle stands where necessary.
  • Remove the appropriate wheel
  • Loosen the caliper bolts with a 19mm socket
  • Withdraw the caliper from the disc
  • Tap out the retaining pins
  • Remove the pads from the caliper
  • Clean out the brake dust from the old caliper
  • Hit the disc with a rubber mallet to remove
  • Clean the new disc surfaces with brake cleaner
  • Place some copper slip on the hub and locate the new disc on the hub
  • Fit the new brake pads to the caliper, with shims if necessary (usually included with the pads)
  • Refit the retaining pins to the caliper.
  • Slide the caliper over the disc and bolt it to the hub with a little threadlock.
  • Torque up the bolts
  • Replace the wheel

IMPORTANT: pump the brake pedal a few times before you forget and end up in the neighbours garden/front room when you reverse off the drive.

Make sure you check the bolts are tight after 30-40 miles.

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for problems arising from you following this guide. Always support the car safely using axle stands and don’t take chances when it comes to brakes, double check and make sure.