How much fuel does an Evo use?

Running on empty

Evo can be thirsty

One of the most frequently asked questions about buying a performance car like an Evo is what the fuel economy is like and what mileage you get to a full tank of petrol. Of course it depends on your budget, but lets be clear an Evo is not a cheap car to run compared to say, an average hatchback. However, when you compare the Mitsubishi with cars of a similar performance, it is, in fact a bargain. My particular car achieves 175 miles to a full tank of Super Unleaded petrol – about 45 litres. This works out at around 18mpg. Granted with Super Unleaded petrol currently hovering at over 140p per litre, it’s not exactly cheap. You could achieve more than this on the motorway but who wants to? This car is all about attacking B roads and riding the wave of boost all the way up to 7000+rpm. I’ve noticed the standard Mitsubishi ECU map runs quite rich, and even off boost with light use of the throttle, fuel economy does not improve much. Drive it like you stole it, or use the car on track and you could even creep down to single figure MPG. However you can be sure that the smile on your face will more than make up for the pain at the pumps