Comedy fuel gauge!

Not long after I bought the car I soon realised that the fuel gauge was more of a guide than a useful gauge! It’s quite amusing that the first 1/4 of Super Unleaded gets munched in around 80miles, yet the remaining 3/4 tank also gives 80 miles! You have to laugh at the Japanese complete ignorance of fuel economy when they created the likes of these 90s Evo/Skyline/Supra/200SX turbo nutter cars. It’s like they had discovered how to make cars that would embaress expensive exotica and all the budget went on turbo and handling development, and the poor the guy in the fuel economy department got made redundant. I like that philosophy of making cars. So much nowadays is aimed at maximum fuel economy that fun and true performance are secondary considerations. Unfortunately with the state of the economy and price of oil, I don’t see that changing anytime soon.