Remap time!

Faulty actuator

Faulty actuator caused lack of boost

Since the rolling road day at Area 52 Motorsport, I discovered that the car was only producing about 12psi or 0.75bar boost when it should be around 1.1bar as standard. So I booked the car into DWR Performance in Chesterfield to get diagnose the fault and remap as and when it was running correctly. Darren at DWR diagnosed a faulty turbo actuator, the ‘top hat’ has rusted through where rainwater has dripped through the bonnet vents down the actuator arm and settled, rusting over time. The actuator is the component that vents excessive boost from the turbo, should it reach the predefined level set by the ECU. Since the actuator had failed in the open position, when tested, it was only holding boost up to around 12psi before opening and venting anything in excess of that amount. This is a common fault with the older Evo’s due to the way the actuator is mounted. Darren removed the radiator and fitted an Evo 8 actuator which does not have the same exposure to rain water due to its orientation.

Coincidentally whilst in for fitting, there was a another Evo on the ramp – a IX that had been brought in by it’s new owner because he got beaten in a straight line by a 1.6 Honda Civic! It turns out he was getting no boost whatsoever! Kinda worrying that he hadn’t realised there was something fundamentally wrong until the Civic zoomed by!

With my new actuator fitted Darren mapped the car on the road with the ECU targeted to 1.5bar which is approximately 22psi. What a difference! The car felt absolutely savage on the way home. I kept accidentally hitting the rev limiter due to how much more quickly the revs climb under boost. The car now pops, bangs and spits flames on the overrun, sounds fantastic, I love it.

MOT time again


The dreaded MOT time again!

Another easy pass for the Evo come MOT time, the third in my ownership. All that was needed were two antirollbar bushes at £14 each – not bad for Mitsubishi! Apparently fitting was easier said than done however as the subframe needed to be dropped down to fit them. I also managed to secure a set of used shocks with Eibach springs that looked in excellent condition for £250 from the MLR. I got these fitted by the garage at the same time. This has cured the knocking from the front nearside that has steadily been getting worse over time.

The driver’s window is now finally fixed (for good hopefully!) and I can use a McDonald’s drivethrough without opening the door and getting out like a weirdo! A second hand regulator to the rescue.

The car was handling better with the new suspension, however there was was clearly a problem with the steering as turning right loaded the steering so it was heavy then went light again while turning left the steering was very light. You couldn’t have any confidence in the handling due to the varying resistance. I assumed it was something to do with the new suspension from running various camber, toe and castor after fitting. So the car is in for 4 wheel alignment and I’ll report on the findings when she’s back


Cleaning jobs

I had a nice sunny Sunday afternoon free last weekend, which I decided to use sprucing up the fleet.

The jobs on the list for the Evo were to:

  • Hoover out and clean interior – Tidying up the interior was nice and easy though I noticed the suede on the driver’s door car had seen better days so I might need to look at replacing this.
  • Refit drivers side wind deflector – Refitting the wind deflector took seconds. I had initially starting removing them as I thought I preferred the look without, but then promptly changed my mind 🙂
  • Fit Mitsubishi 3 triangle badge and new Spirit of Competition sticker – The harsh winter of 2010 early 2011, left my decals and badges in a sorry state. The rear Mitsubishi badge had disappeared and my Spirit of Competition sticker on the bonnet had peeled and was missing some letters. I purchased replacements from Mitsubishi and the MLR Shop for a total of £50! To get the competition sticker off I used a hair dryer on low heat and gently warmed it, until the sticker started to peel. You need to take extra care not to damage the paint as it can be quite thin on these aging Evos. I couldn’t get an exact replacement of the small Mitsubishi badge anywhere, the previous one was plain red plastic, instead I had to settle for the one Mitsubishi had at £23, Red with silver edging.
  • Sort out passenger door that was incredibly stiff to open – Endless WD40 and opening and closing the door like a madman, soon sorted this

This left the car looking a bit tidier, it just needs a thorough wash and ideally a detail to remove the grime of the past year in all the nooks and crannies.

Recommendations for a good detailer in South Yorks please!


Nail in tyre!

Puncture repairI took a rear wheel off the other day to inspect one of the mudflaps that had worked loose. Whenever I remove a wheel I use the opportunity to check the condition of the tyre. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I found a rather large nail in the centre of the tread. As it was not near the sidewall I took it the garage for a repair – a very reasonable £15. I’m glad I found it – I didn’t fancy cornering hard on that compromised tyre!