Service and fixing some niggles

With the AYC fluid due a replacement, I dropped the car off to have all the diff oils checked, the mudflap refitted, the non operative drivers window and the knocking noise from the front left investigated.

The window issue was put down to the regulator, strange since this was supposed to have been replaced last year with an Evo 8 model although I’m beginning to lose faith in the work done by that particular “specialist.”

The AYC, rear diff, transfer box and gearbox oils were all changed to fresh fluids.

It was nice to have another comment from the mechanic about how nice this example drove compared to an Evo 7 he was working on recently.

While the car was in the garage I asked them to diagnose a knocking noise, present on low speed bumps from the front left corner. The knocking was put down to the strut and/or top mount. Since the top mount was supposed to have been replaced last year, I’ll be surprised if its that. So I’m on the lookout for a replacement strut on the MLR forum and eBay. I’d love a set of coilovers all round, but that will have to wait for finances to allow it.

Service time

Service time

While the car was in the garage for new tyres, I wanted the track rod ends replacing as I noticed the boots had perished and could be knocking. These are easy to check by yourself. Simply jack up the car and remove the front wheels to check the condition of the steering arm track control ends. So with the car booked in with a local Evo specialist, he rang to say the steering rack arms were worn as well. I was initially skeptical as to how the arms could wear, but apparently there are ball joints that make up the arm that can wear, so I agreed to having them replaced with the track rod ends.

I also had the nearside top mount changed to help allieviate the slight knocking noise over bumps from the front suspension.

With the Active Yaw Control fluid due a change, I had this done at the same time, to keep the pump in good working order.

With the oil still golden on the dipstick, there was no need for an oil change yet, though with a service interval of 4500 miles, it won’t be long before it’s due I’m sure!

Hopefully with that little lot done, the Evo can be enjoyed to it’s potential.