Cleaning jobs

I had a nice sunny Sunday afternoon free last weekend, which I decided to use sprucing up the fleet.

The jobs on the list for the Evo were to:

  • Hoover out and clean interior – Tidying up the interior was nice and easy though I noticed the suede on the driver’s door car had seen better days so I might need to look at replacing this.
  • Refit drivers side wind deflector –¬†Refitting the wind deflector took seconds. I had initially starting removing them as I thought I preferred the look without, but then promptly changed my mind ūüôā
  • Fit Mitsubishi 3 triangle badge and new¬†Spirit of Competition sticker –¬†The harsh winter of 2010 early 2011, left my decals and badges in a sorry state. The rear Mitsubishi badge had disappeared and my Spirit of Competition sticker on the bonnet had peeled and was missing some letters. I¬†purchased replacements from Mitsubishi and the MLR Shop for a total of ¬£50! To get the¬†competition sticker off I used a hair dryer on low heat and gently warmed it, until the sticker¬†started to peel. You need to take extra care not to damage the paint as it can be quite thin on these aging Evos.¬†I couldn’t get an exact replacement of the small Mitsubishi badge anywhere, the previous one was plain red¬†plastic, instead I had to settle for the one Mitsubishi had at ¬£23, Red with silver edging.
  • Sort out passenger door that was incredibly stiff to open – Endless WD40 and opening and closing the door like a madman, soon sorted this

This left the car looking a bit tidier, it just needs a thorough wash and ideally a detail to remove the grime of the past year in all the nooks and crannies.

Recommendations for a good detailer in South Yorks please!