Clutch change

Evo 5 clutch change

Standard clutch and flywheel upgraded to larger Evo 8 items

Having enjoyed the extra boost for 2 weeks of post remap fun it was clear the clutch was struggling to keep up with the increased torque. It was starting to slip quite badly under boost. (For those unfamiliar, this means the revs increase without a corresponding increase in vehicle speed, the same as what happens if you were to slip the clutch yourself) Having heard of a fellow Evo owner’s clutch going from slipping to broken in no time at all, I thought it better to get the car into the garage sooner rather than later. I booked into DWR again who changed the clutch and flywheel for a slightly larger Evo 8 item with a very quick turnaround time, given the little notice I gave them. The increased surface area of the clutch and flywheel should mean it can handle up to 400bhp no problem at all.

Something interesting Darren did point out, was how the engine bay had got dirty quite quickly since he last cleaned it and that the manifold may be leaking when warm, causing exhaust gas to vent out. So that’s something to keep an eye on in the next few months. They also spotted a split steering gaiter and 2 worn balljoints that were replaced at the same time.

Good service from DWR and now the Evo was ready for it’s next challenge, 3 of the best driving destinations in England…