First oil change

The fantastic 4G63 engineIf you own an Evo, you’ll soon discover that oil changes need carrying out about as often as you change your pants! With a 4,500 mile or 6 month schedule for an oil change, you need to keep on top of servicing to ensure your car is running on clean uncontaminated oil. Lets not forget the cars are used hard and need looking after so forget your Fiat Punto 20,000 mile interval and dig deep for quality oil reguarly. Luckily doing this yourself is very easy and you can save money by doing it yourself in less than an hours work. The first oil service in my care was due on the Evo so I used the same oil as the last owner as well as many tuners and professional on the MLR. I bought some Silkolene 10W50 racing oil and some Mitsubishi oil filters (part no. MZ690116). which came with sump plug washers (part no. MD050317)

Changing the oil is very easy:

  • Warm up the car with a 5 minute drive so the oil is warm but not too hot and will flow out easily.
  • Jack up the car and secure it on axle stands so it is safe and secure to work under.
  • ┬áPlace an oil catch tray under the sump plug and undo it with a 19mm socket. Be careful not to burn yourself if the oil is hot.
  • The oil filter is located in what looks like a vunerable place directly in front of the sump hanging vertically down. I wonder if this was moved in the rally cars as it does seem vunerable to rocks and objects that could easily hit it. Undo this with some oil filter pliers and drain into the drip tray.
  • Run some fresh oil round the new filter seal and screw back on, being careful not to overtighten.
  • When all the oil oil has drained out, place the new sump plug washer on the bolt and tighten up, again careful not to overtighten and strip the thread.
  • Lower the car back down on the ground and fill with the new oil, regularly checking the dipstick as you do so. Do not overfill the engine!
  • When the dipstick level is ok, start the car and check for any leaks underneath.
  • Check the dipstick once more and top up if necessary.
  • Drain the catch tray into the oil can and dispose of at your local recycling centre.

Job done for another 4500 miles!