Oil leak!

Oil leakWorrying times as I spotted the rainbow colours of an oil leak on the rain soaked driveway. Further investigation found the dipstick out of place and oil sprayed all over the top of the engine bay as well as down the back of the block.

I topped up the oil which was down by a whole litre, hoping I had not done any damage in the meantime.

There can be several reasons why the dipstick gets blown out:

  • The Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PVC) valve is faulty and not vacating crankcase gases as it should.
  • The piston rings or bores are damaged or worn allowing combustion gases to overpressurise the crankcase
  • The dipstick o-rings are simply worn
  • Not fully replacing the dipstick after a oil check or change

I’m hoping it’s the last option but having recently taken the car on a 3 day road trip using it very hard, i’m wondering if the increased boost from the recent map is causing problems under hard load. I did notice the engine hitting 25psi on the boost gauge recently which is over 1.72 bar – more than I should be running and not a good idea on a standard engine. Whether this is down to the cheap looking gauge not reading accurately or a genuine problem, I’m going to ask the garage that mapped it to find out.

So I cleaned up the engine bay, checked the breather pipes and dipstick and kept an eye on it.

Lo and behold as soon as I used full boost through the gears there was a drip of the black gold on the drive as soon as I pulled up. Yet again the dipstick had blown out, So I’m going to take the car in to the garage for a leakdown test to see what health the engine is in and hoping that worn rings is not the culprit which would leave me with a hefty bill for an engine rebuild.

Watch this space…