Cold weather testing!

Snowy wingThe cold was unbelievable this morning. After I eventually got the driver’s door open using some luke warm water around the seal I put the key in the ignition and the dash reported -15 degrees! I’m suprised the small race battery lasted the night but it did, and the Evo fires into life albeit fairly sluggishly. The car easily took 20 minutes to warm up and de-
ice, before it even turned a wheel. I set off to work slowly warming up the diff and ‘box oils and noticed the car chucking out what looked like a lot of oily exhaust gas. I pulled over thinking great, piston rings or stem seals have bitten the dust, but the car seemed ok and the exhaust gas cleaned up as I carried on.

I noticed when I got home that the oil catch tank was so full it had expanded through the filter, so my guess is a small amount of oil was being burnt as the catch tank was full. I emptied this and all was well. Moral of the story, keep on top of that Oil catch tank!