MOT time again


The dreaded MOT time again!

Another easy pass for the Evo come MOT time, the third in my ownership. All that was needed were two antirollbar bushes at £14 each – not bad for Mitsubishi! Apparently fitting was easier said than done however as the subframe needed to be dropped down to fit them. I also managed to secure a set of used shocks with Eibach springs that looked in excellent condition for £250 from the MLR. I got these fitted by the garage at the same time. This has cured the knocking from the front nearside that has steadily been getting worse over time.

The driver’s window is now finally fixed (for good hopefully!) and I can use a McDonald’s drivethrough without opening the door and getting out like a weirdo! A second hand regulator to the rescue.

The car was handling better with the new suspension, however there was was clearly a problem with the steering as turning right loaded the steering so it was heavy then went light again while turning left the steering was very light. You couldn’t have any confidence in the handling due to the varying resistance. I assumed it was something to do with the new suspension from running various camber, toe and castor after fitting. So the car is in for 4 wheel alignment and I’ll report on the findings when she’s back


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