Which tyres for an Evo?

Falken FK452s

Falken FK452s

Since buying the car I noticed it was understeering too much for my liking when pressing on in the dry. I checked the tyres and soon realised that the Bridgestone Blizzak tyres fitted were in fact winter tyres and were often fitted in Japan. Since I seemed to be running the original Winter tyres that the Evo was imported on, I decided to look at performance summer tyres, to cut the understeer and offer more grip. The Blizzaks offered chronic understeer in the dry and strangely no grip in the wet. So it was time to replace them with a decent summer tyre to make the most of the Evo’s famous handling. I set about searching for tyres online. Having run Falken ZE912s on my hot hatch, I took a look at the Falken FK452s which get some excellent reviews. After hours of research it seems the general concensus is that they offer 95% of a premium tyre like Goodyear Eagle F1 at 50% of the price. Camskill came up trumps only charging £70 a tyre delivered, and I took the Evo in to get them fitted at a local Evo specialist. Review to follow soon…

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